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Special Topics in Leadership; Leadership and Ethnicity

This course will examine the concept of leadership from the standpoint of race, ethnicity, and culture. Specifically, we will explore the concept and differing meanings of leader and leadership within racial/ethnic communities in the United States. Issues of leaders and leadership will be examined as influenced by political, cultural, and historic events. The course will place particular emphasis on colleges and universities as a microcosm of the larger society and as a cultural site for exploring and assessing issues of race, ethnicity, diversity and leadership.

Sister Courses: HESI418A, HESI418B, HESI418C, HESI418E, HESI418F, HESI418G, HESI418I, HESI418J, HESI418K, HESI418M, HESI418T, HESI418V

Fall 2021

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