Special Topics in Leadership; Stories of the Multiracial/ethnic/cultural Experience

Students will be offered the opportunity to explore leadership in connection with multiracial/ethnic/cultural identities utilizing an interdisciplinary narrative approach (i.e. storytelling). Topics will include: leadership theories & styles, inter-racial/cultural relationships, transracial & transnational adoption, the multiracial family, media representations of multiracial individuals, the history of racialization in the U.S., racial identity development, processes of "othering" (e.g. colorism, authenticity testing), and the politics of claiming, passing, and accenting.

Sister Courses: HESI418A, HESI418B, HESI418C, HESI418D, HESI418F, HESI418G, HESI418I, HESI418J, HESI418M, HESI418V

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