Jesus, Mani, and Muhammad: The Dynamics of New Religious Movements

Cross-listed with: RELS273. Credit only granted for: RELS273 or RELS289M or HIST289T. Formerly: RELS289M. We examine three significant ancient religious figures: Jesus (d. 30s CE), Mani (d. 276 CE), and Muhammad (d. 632). All three were founders of long-lasting religions that were part of a dramatic change in the society and religion of the ancient world. Special areas of focus: the biographies of these founding figures, and how we know them; a historical approach to religious founders; and the sociology of new religious movements.

Sister Courses: HIST289A, HIST289B, HIST289C, HIST289E, HIST289I, HIST289K, HIST289L, HIST289N, HIST289O, HIST289R, HIST289V, HIST289X, HIST289Y

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