Special Topics in History; From Colonization to Decolonization in North Africa, 1830-1962

We will compare and contrast the colonial experience in North African states with primary focus on Morocco and Algeria. We will highlight the changing perceptions of national and religious identities among the colonized and the resulting forms of political and militant resistance, and their interplay with European colonial ideologies and the varying agendas of colonial actors.

Sister Courses: HIST619C, HIST619D, HIST619F, HIST619G, HIST619I, HIST619J, HIST619K, HIST619L, HIST619M, HIST619N, HIST619O, HIST619P, HIST619Q, HIST619R, HIST619T, HIST619V, HIST619W, HIST619X, HIST619Y, HIST619Z

Spring 2023

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