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Special Topics in History; History of Palestine in Modern Times

This seminar explores the contested history of Palestine from the 18th century to 1948. We will explore some of the major historiographical debates pertaining to Ottoman Palestine until WWI, Zionist settlement and Arab resistance, the British mandate and the emergence of the State of Israel. Topics covered include the emergence and trajectories of Zionism and Palestinian nationalism, "Arab Jews," Palestine's economy, colonialism, religiosity and the politics of memory.

Sister Courses: HIST619A, HIST619B, HIST619C, HIST619D, HIST619E, HIST619F, HIST619G, HIST619J, HIST619K, HIST619L, HIST619M, HIST619N, HIST619O, HIST619P, HIST619Q, HIST619R, HIST619T, HIST619V, HIST619W, HIST619X, HIST619Y, HIST619Z

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