Special Topics in Italian Studies; The Italian Renaissance: Dark Shadows in the Age of Splendor and Cultural Rebirth

In this course we will examine the dark aspects of the Italian Renaissance, focusing on artistic and literary patronage as a strategy self-promotion, and as a mean to achieve and preserve power. From the Northern court of Milan to the Southern Kingdom of Naples, this course is a revealing journey through the Italian peninsula, a land that gave birth to the great genius of the Italian Renaissance in one of the most troubled periods of Italian history, marked by political conflict, bloody rivalries, family betrayals, and wars. What hides beneath the image of some of these benevolent and enlightened patrons of learning, often praised as ideal rulers by artists and writers of the Renaissance, are ambitious and crafty politicians, who sought their own interests and goals in their ruthless pursuit of power.

Sister Courses: ITAL499J, ITAL499M, ITAL499P, ITAL499T

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