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Special Topics in Landscape Architecture; Culture and Earth: Transformation and Adaptation-New Zealand

Cross-listed with HONR348N and HONR338B. This course will investigate the sustainable natural and cultural systems of New Zealand through the virtual exploration of historic sites, monumental structures, art and artifact museums, aboriginal settlements, natural wonders, and environmental restorations. You will receive instruction in the practice of field sketching and observations and learn about the sustainable landscapes and best environmental practices of the South and North Islands of New Zealand. We will also investigate the cultural system that evolved from colonization and shapes New Zealand's society today. This is a Global Classrooms course, developed in partnership with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) to provide opportunities for virtual, project-based, international collaboration. Learn more about Global Classrooms:

Sister Courses: LARC489A, LARC489B, LARC489E, LARC489F, LARC489K, LARC489O, LARC489R, LARC489T, LARC489V, LARC489W, LARC489Z

Winter 2021

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