Selected Topics in Law and Society; Love and the Law

Explores the interplay of love and the law through a law & society lens that recognizes the role of law-on-the-books as well as law-in-action. Students will explore a variety of family law doctrines from parenthood through reproductive technologies and adoption to partnership through cohabitation and marriage, asking in each context who benefits and controls from contracts in families, whether those agreements are open or hidden, whether they are legally binding.

Sister Courses: MLAW358A, MLAW358B, MLAW358C, MLAW358D, MLAW358E, MLAW358F, MLAW358G, MLAW358J, MLAW358K, MLAW358M, MLAW358N, MLAW358O, MLAW358P, MLAW358Q, MLAW358R, MLAW358T, MLAW358U, MLAW358V, MLAW358W, MLAW358X, MLAW358Y, MLAW358Z

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