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Ensemble; University Band

Open by audition. Contact instructor to make arrangements.

Sister Courses: MUSC629A, MUSC629B, MUSC629C, MUSC629D, MUSC629E, MUSC629F, MUSC629G, MUSC629H, MUSC629I, MUSC629J, MUSC629K, MUSC629L, MUSC629M, MUSC629O, MUSC629P, MUSC629Q, MUSC629R, MUSC629S, MUSC629T, MUSC629W, MUSC629Z

Spring 2022

2 reviews
Average rating: 5.00

Past Semesters

1 review
Average rating: 5.00

Only Spring 2020 and Spring 2021 grade data is available for this course.

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