Graduate Seminar; R Programming for the Behavioral Sciences

Students are provided with a thorough introduction to the R statistical programming language. No prior programming experience is needed; the approach is to teach fundamental programming skills in R, to enable getting the most out of the software. Every class incorporates hands-on practice, a nd students are highly encouraged to bring a laptop to class. Homework assignments and a final project will all be based on a data set of the student's choosing.

Sister Courses: PSYC798A, PSYC798B, PSYC798C, PSYC798D, PSYC798G, PSYC798I, PSYC798J, PSYC798K, PSYC798N, PSYC798O, PSYC798P, PSYC798R, PSYC798T, PSYC798V, PSYC798X

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