Reviews for professors for SOCY201

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Alan Neustadtl
Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/22/2009
Like previously mentioned, easiest statistics class on campus. Open note, book, slides, previous exams/quizzes, homework, whatever, as long as you don't talk to the person sitting next to you. There is a long lab but it would behoove you to go since the TA's help A LOT with the homework questions. Not a painful class although I didn't understand all of the underlying principles of the meanings of the stats I'm still walking away with a good grade.
Alan Neustadtl
Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/21/2008
This is probably the easiest statistics course you will find in CP. All the tests and quizzes are open note and open book, and he posts his lecture notes online. His lectures are pretty boring - by the second half of the semester i stopped going. I actually started doing better in the class by just attending the labs and teaching the rest to myself. The homeworks are really helpful come quiz/test time - the problems are very similar to the ones on the exams.