Racial Residential Segregation in America

Prerequisite: 6 credits in Sociology or permission of the department. This course examines how race and ethnicity have historically shaped residential patterns in the U.S. and their continuing importance today. We will investigate the causes of residential segregation, including residential preferences, discrimination, and socioeconomic differences between racial and ethnic groups. Significant attention will be paid to how immigration and ensuing ethnic and racial diversity are reshaping the residential landscape. The readings highlight the U.S. context, though residential patterns in different countries are also briefly discussed. The two basic aims of the class are to: 1) convey current theoretical and empirical information about race, ethnicity, and residence and 2) propose a paper on a topic related to these issues.

Sister Courses: SOCY498A, SOCY498B, SOCY498C, SOCY498E, SOCY498F, SOCY498G, SOCY498I, SOCY498J, SOCY498L, SOCY498M, SOCY498N, SOCY498O, SOCY498P, SOCY498Q, SOCY498R, SOCY498T, SOCY498V, SOCY498W, SOCY498X, SOCY498Y

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