Qualitative Research Methods II, Field Research

Prerequisite: SOCY632; or students who have taken courses with comparable content may contact the department. As the second course in the qualitative methods sequence, students are expected to have a general knowledge of qualitative methods. Students should have already learned how to collect and analyze qualitative data using interview and ethnographic methods. Student will spend this semester collecting and analyzing qualitative data and must begin the course with a formulated research question, a plan for data collection and sampling. Each student will spend the first two weeks preparing a proposal for submission the the University of Maryland's Institutional Review Board to gain Human Subjects approval to collect data. Then, students will spend a month collecting data, a month analyzing data using QSR NVivo, which will be taught as part of the coursework, and writing up the findings. The end product of the course will be an empirical paper based on the data collected and analyzed throughout the semester.

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