Special Topics in Advanced Performing Arts; Interdisciplinary Performance and Puppetry with Lone Wolf Tribe

Students must pay a $25 lab fee. Lone Wolf Tribe is an intrepid interdisciplinary theatre co. with a mission to investigate, challenge and spellbind. Blending history, philosophy, and life-sized puppetry into brutally poetic contemporary narratives, LWTs visual storytelling infuses meticulous craft, physical rigor and decidedly dark humor, compassionately speaking to our collective human experience since 1997. Kevin Augustine is founding artistic director of Lone Wolf Tribe, making fearless theatrical work for adults since 1997. As playwright, performer puppet sculptor and director, he unabashedly embraces art as a social change catalyst and collaborates with Veterans for Peace on a roving street theatre series. He is a puppeteer at the Metropolitan Opera, offers a series of workshops for puppet enthusiasts and is currently working on a solo performance cycle with 4 new productions in development.

Sister Courses: TDPS458A, TDPS458B, TDPS458C, TDPS458D, TDPS458E, TDPS458F, TDPS458G, TDPS458I, TDPS458J, TDPS458K, TDPS458M, TDPS458O, TDPS458P, TDPS458Q, TDPS458R, TDPS458T, TDPS458U, TDPS458V, TDPS458Z

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