Special Topics in Advanced Performing Arts; Performance Coaching

Students must pay a $25 lab fee. This course explores various aspects of performing skills by utilizing solo and group repertory assignments, of dance and/or theatrical genres. Clarity of intent/content will be examined through discussion, practice,observation and feedback in the development of articulate and honest communication in one's performance. The class will include students' participation in multiple performing events.

Sister Courses: TDPS458A, TDPS458B, TDPS458C, TDPS458D, TDPS458E, TDPS458F, TDPS458G, TDPS458I, TDPS458J, TDPS458K, TDPS458M, TDPS458N, TDPS458O, TDPS458Q, TDPS458R, TDPS458T, TDPS458U, TDPS458V, TDPS458Z

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