Sex, Gender, and Jewish Identity

Prerequisite: 1 course in WMST; or 1 course in JWST; or 1 course in LGBT; or permission of instructor. Cross-listed with: JWST492, LGBT448W. Credit only granted for: JWST492, JWST409G, JWST419W, LGBT448W, or WMST498W. Formerly: JWST409G and JWST419W. An exploration of Jewish embodiment, including dynamics related to biological sex, culturally-framed gender, and sexuality. Topics of discussion may include transgender and intersex Jews, stereotypes and gender performance, modesty, genetics, and body alteration. Focus is on contemporary Jewish culture, framed within the larger historical and textual tradition. Also offered as LGBT448W and JWST492. Credit granted only for WMST498W, LGBT448W or JWST492.

Sister Courses: WMST498A, WMST498B, WMST498C, WMST498D, WMST498I, WMST498M, WMST498N, WMST498O, WMST498P, WMST498Q, WMST498V, WMST498X, WMST498Y, WMST498Z

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