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Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/07/2019
She's awesome! Such a fun and engaging professor who clearly cares so much about her students. The class is very interesting and completely discussion-based, which was something I liked, but if you're not comfortable talking in class, it wouldn't be for you. I cannot speak highly enough about Prof. Grossman.

Anonymous 12/15/2018
This was a super super fun course. You talk about magic, science, and religion in really interesting ways. In terms of coursework, there are readings every class (they can be a lil long, but they're super interesting), 5 response papers (worth 30% of your grade), 1 research paper, a final, and 2 presentations. If you stay on top of the readings and write well, you'll do fine in this class. It's super fun and Professor Grossman always made herself available. I changed my paper topic and did a bunch of random changes to my research paper, but she was willing to help every step of the way. Definitely recommend!

Expecting an A-
me 12/16/2017
I feel that I gained a lot from taking this class with professor Grossman. The class is formatted well, and she is both highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she teaches. I’m not religious, so I was worried that I would feel out of place, but that didn’t end up being an issue at all. The tests and workload were fair. It’s definitely a bit more time consuming and difficult than your average gen ed, though. As long as you are genuinely interested in learning something about religion (it’s not just fact memorisation, rejoice), I highly recommend this class and professor Grossman.