Pamela Abshire

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Expecting an A+
Professor Abshire is a pretty good professor. She teaches with PowerPoint slides (which some people prefer), so you're better off not taking notes but instead printing out the slides and annotating them during the lecture. I can definitely say that I learned a lot from this course. The biggest complaint I have about her is the grading. She took over a month to grade the midterm, and three weeks to grade the final exam. By the time of the final day to withdraw from a course with a W, we only had quiz grades (automatically graded) and one or two homework grades. Basically, you had no idea where you were in the course until near the end.

Expecting an A+
Abshire is a pretty good professor. She lectures off of powerpoint so you don't really have to go to class, but lectures are valuable because she does a good job at giving new ways of thinking about the material. This class wasn't too hard if you did well in ENEE303. A lot of the course material is "review" in the sense that most of it is built off of what you learned in 303. Don't expect the homework's and exams to be graded for a while though.

Expecting an A-
Note: ENEE419A is now ENEE411. Abshire is a great teacher who wants nothing more than for students to understand the material. She uses powerpoint slides, which aren't my favorite, but I'll admit that they're probably the right way to go to convey the large amount of material in the course. The class is tough, and the homeworks are super challenging. The tests are doable but you're expected to do several pretty big problems per exam / final, so come practiced and prepared. Partial credit is important on the exams, so write down everything you know. She does an ELMS quiz per lecture. Overall, one of the most fun and useful EE classes I've taken so far.

Expecting an A
Abshire is great at teaching the material and answering questions. She is very knowledgeable and extremely nice, however she is a horrible professor. She doesn't grade anything despite making promises every lecture that grades will be in. Reports and presentations built off of each other in 408D but she stopped grading two months before the semester ended. She also fell asleep during the final presentations of our class even though the majority of the class had pulled an all nighter and managed to stay awake. Take this class with Abshire if you do not care if you know your grade and if you are fine with a professor who blatantly does not care about the course. That being said you can learn Cadence on your own, this capstone is not necessary for anyone interested in microelectronics.

Expecting an A
I believe she taught this course very well. She assigns comprehensive homeworks that would require a lot of time to complete, fortunately, she makes herself available to students almost everyday for questions relating to homeworks and projects. The tests are fairly straight forward. The average on our first midterm was in the low 70s, and the average on the final was also in the 70s. The only problem I have with this class is that she would sometimes go over slides too quickly, and this would result in learning the material on your own through the book (not the easiest read). Overall, I recommend taking this course if you enjoy topics in microelectronics/Integrated circuits.

Expecting an A
Overall, she's been one of my favorite professors here at UMD. Prof. Abshire's a very good lecturer, and she tries very hard to make herself available to students with questions about the course material. The only slightly negative thing about her is that she will sometimes go a little fast through her Power Point slides. If you are ever unclear on something, or just want to stall so you can grasp the concept she just presented, just ask her a question. She usually gives really good explanations, and this will slow the pace of the class. Moreover, she happens to be a really nice person and her research is really cool, so if you ever want to do a 499 with someone, I would definitely recommend her over most other professors.