Suresh Acharya

This professor has taught: BMGT434, BMSO602, BUDT732, BUDT758W, BUDT759, BUSI634, BUSI758C, BUSI758D, BUSO624
Information Review
Suresh Acharya

Expecting an A
Professor Acharya is one of the most engaging, enthusiastic, and passionate professors I have had. He is very careful in his explanations, and always makes sure everyone always understands the concepts during his lectures. He stays after class to answer questions for student who need clarification. He is lighthearted and has a childlike fascination when it comes to the material he teaches. Before the first class he asked us to submit a homework which was mostly a thought experiment. He read everyone’s work prior to the first day, and later recalled their answers and used them as reference points throughout the rest of the semester during certain lessons. He clearly works very hard to make the course material relatable to his students by relating the class examples in their work experience and personal lives—and he really is successful at it. I have never written a review of this kind. I truly cannot recommend this professor more.