Michael Ball

This professor has taught: BMGT833, BUDT758L, BUDT775, BUSM764, ENSE799
Information Review
Michael Ball

Expecting an A-
This class was tough. Professor Ball is so smart that he moves quickly through topics not realizing that slow students like myself need him to break it down into smaller steps. I was totally lost, failed a few homework assignments, and was overwhelmed. But I went to him for help and he was the most kind, patient, helpful Professor I've ever had. He sat there with me for hours and worked through all the questions I had. After I understood what was going on, I really LOVED the class! The topics are interesting and very applicable to real life situations. My recommendations for this class: 1) Take it. 2) Ask him for help. He's really great if you go to him and tell him you're lost. 3) Don't wait until it's too late - Go to him once you get confused. 4) Don't give up - If you try, it gets easier. I ended up with a 92% on the midterm and an A- in the class, after 40s and 50s on a couple homeworks. It is definitely possible to do well in the course. Just don't be afraid to ask for guidance.