Alexander Barg

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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 12/24/2020
Worst professor I ever had. Pre-recording lectures 1-2 months in advNce isn't teaching. Also two tough with his marks. A tiny mis type can cost you 50-70% of the grade even if everything else is correct. Would not recommend.

Anonymous 11/10/2020
The last person reviewing this professor has lost it! This guy is lazy and a joke. Remember we review teacher ( TEACHING !!!! ) here and not his knowledge on the subject. I give him a 0 (if not a negative score) on teaching capability.

Anonymous 08/26/2020
The best professor for taking ENEE620. There are a couple of major advantages: 1- 620 is among the courses that contain a huge set of contents that is not possible to teach in only one semester. Thus choosing what to cover is very important. Dr. Barg is very good at this. I realized this after doing a great deal of research on that topic and also observing several offerings of the course over the years. 2- The set of assignments and the exams have a very meaningful correlation. You will not get surprised. 3- Rather than focusing on too much machinery and unnecessary ugly computational mathematics, Dr. Barg provides a lot of intuition to the core of the subject. 4- He is one of the most helping professors in office hours and is very flexible in dealing with the issues related to the course.

Anonymous 12/18/2012
Par for the course. Lectures are decent to good, and homework is fair (6 assignments, a couple of hours a piece). Mixed results on the tests, usually a combination of things we went over and things you've never seen before.

Expecting an A
whynot 04/14/2012
Took 322 with him in Spring 2011. Wasn't a bad class and the tests weren't too insane. Could've used a better TA, but what can you do. He gives a substantial amount of homework, but he assigns it several days in advance. Don't put the homework off until the last minute or it'll bite you in the ass. Make sure you understand the fundamentals of the new functions you learn like signal energy, power, delta and step - he's known to throw goofy test problems that you'll need to pick apart using definitions you learn in the first week of class. I'd say he's above median in terms of teacher quality for this course. Better than Espy and Ephrimedes, at least. Also, he allows (or at least allowed when I took him) use of a sheet of notes for exams, but no calculator. This way you don't have to worry about mis-remembering a minus sign in a fourier table. You can also write down integral results that show up frequently.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 04/27/2011
Pro: -Teaching style is plausible -A good amount of homework to prep us for exams/help us with learning -Somewhat helpful in office hours Cons: -Too much homework...basically takes an entire day to complete each of the 10 assignments -Exams are too focused onto a single topic (eg he tells us the exam is cumulative on 5-6 chapters but 2/3 of the exam will be based on a single topic of one chapter) -Very rude. Let me emphasize: Ridiculously rude!!!

Expecting a D
logical-zero 04/20/2011
Well, We haven't got our final grades for the semester so I can't speak about his curve but I will tell you that his exams are much more difficult than Tretter who is also teaching 322 this semester. He assigns a great deal of homework that has, on occasions taken me 15 hours per week to complete. Our largest homework assignment which was nearly 30 pages long when completed was due the Monday after Spring break. So much for my tickets to Vegas. He actively encourages students to drop the class but is very helpful at office hours. He sends out sample exams which look nothing like the actual tests, or the homework for that matter. Barg likes to focus on one small concept from the homework and then make the entire test about that so if you don't know absolutely everything there is to know about the material, you don't stand a chance on an exam. Also, he likes to structure his exams in such a way that if you can't answer question 1a, you can't answer anymore parts of question 1 so you lose 25 points right there. All in all, I'm not too happy that I chose this professor over Tretter.