Benjamin Beltran

This professor has taught: CHSE328A, CHSE338I, CHSE338N, CPSP300, EDHI338D, EDHI338E, EDHI338L, EDHI338P, EDHI338T, HESI220, HONR300, WEID300
Information Review
Benjamin Beltran

Expecting an A+
Ben and Nicole are both very accommodating professors and they always try their best to make the material more fun and engaging. Make sure that you need to show up to all of the live class sessions since you will only learn and get out of the course more from participating in class activities and group discussions. Also, make sure that you need to submit and finish all of your journals periodically since it is very easy to forget about completing them. There are also 2 written papers + 1 midterm + 1 optional final in the class which in fact makes the workload very doable for a 3-credit elective. Just show up to all of the class sessions and complete all of the assignments on time (you may need to spend and space out more time than you think especially on the written papers), and you will end up doing really well in the class like me.