Elliot Berger

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This professor has taught: ENGL393, ENGL394

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Information Review

Anonymous 12/17/2018
Good teacher, fair to students and very courteous in class. Some lectures can be a bit dry, but he has some assignments (peer critque of papers, sentence rewriting handouts) that are a bit more interactive. Biggest issue with him is that assignments were never graded on time and that he's always late to class by 5-8 minutes. Also, he only accepts hard copies of assignments, and doesn't really use ELMS for submitting essays which is annoying.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/13/2018
Very nice guy, easy going and fair with what to expect from students. He likes to interact with the class so make sure you are willing to participate. A slow grader however he is fair and is not extremely strict about assignments. Most of semester focuses on a final proposal which is not that enjoyable but he is willing to help in any way to get you through it.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/19/2018
He teaches well, and usually has interesting things to do each day. The assignments are in the end graded fairly, but we didn't get anything back until the end of the semester.