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Expecting a B+
Anonymous 08/04/2013
Terrible professor. This is the one class that will waste your time. Lindsay gives a lot of assignments but doesn't provide feedback or grades in a timely matter so students aren't aware of the things they should be avoiding for future assignments. She isn't descriptive about any of her comments (when she finally grades an assignment) and shouldn't be qualified to even teach. Her interpretations of poems are 'superfluous' and she's the type of professor who likes to hear herself speak instead of teach. Don't take this class if you don't have the patience.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 07/09/2012
Quite possibly the most boring professor I have ever had while in college. We only made it through less than half the syllabus because she took 2-3 hours (literally) to explain and analyze the poems. For the dreaded close reading papers make sure you take in depth notes on what she drew from the poems because she does not appreciate your own original thoughts in the papers. You will do better if you repeat her ideas and images of the poems. The exams are knit-picky and detail oriented so be prepared to know the poems inside and out. She is a stickler about using a cell phone or laptop in class. I suggest you sit in the back of the class behind someone so you can at least be on your phone somewhat as to not stab your eyes out from the pure boredeom the class is.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/04/2009
This class doesn't have a lot of reading. You probably waste 90% of your ink in your printer when you have to print out poems and letters. Your quizzes, memorization "exercises", and event participation, all go to your class participation. So basically your grade consists of 2 papers, participation, and your midterm and you need to do well on all of them to get an A. She takes 10 years to explain one poem that could be 7 lines..which may get annoying but sometimes its great when you want to zone out. You have to go to class!...all the exams are from the notes in class. This class requires average memorization skills..and thats about don't need to know how to analyze poems for the exams. If u haven't taken poetry'll still be okay. EASy to get a B...harder to get an A