Rachel Berndtson

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Information Review

Expecting an A
ChrisPBacon 01/09/2019
Dr. Berndtson is great! She made the class very engaging and enjoyable. The class was mostly debates and group presentations, with 2 midterms and 1 group final paper + presentation. Attend every lecture! While Dr. Berndtson posts her lecture slides on ELMS, she blocks out a lot of the important information that's only shown in class. Also, she gives the exam layouts and debate/presentation formats only during lecture. Also, there are reading quizzes that are free points since they are participation. Lastly, during finals, if you skip class on days that other groups are presenting, she will knock your grade down hard (happened to one of my group members). Overall the class is easy, but there aren't many assignments, so make sure you and your group puts full effort in every assignment. Also, study well for the exams! They are completely based on what's taught in lecture so review the notes well.

Expecting an A
Siema101 05/17/2011
Very good doctoral program teacher. You will learn a lot, without having to take notes in class. Workload is definitely manageable. Must go to class, or your grade will severely suffer as participation is about 1/3 of your grade.