Amy Brown

This professor has taught: HONR228G, HONR229M
Information Review
Amy Brown

Expecting an A+
I had Professor Brown for HONR 228G (Food Ethics). The class was held as open discussion between students. Students were required to complete readings and submit discussion questions on ELMS before each class. The questions and participation in class were the only grades we received other than an in class presentation and 10 page final paper. They were graded out of 3 points and NOT on completion, so if you lost 1 point you were already knocked down to a D. The readings could also be quite long and time consuming. Dr. Brown also deflated grades at the end of the class by changing scores on past assignments. I was surprised that my 99% dropped down to a 93% for no apparent reason towards the end of the class. Most people still ended up with As. She gets 3 stars because I still got an A and the class was interesting enough, but I wouldn't recommend her class to anyone else.
Amy Brown

Expecting an A
I took Honr229M with Professor Brown in Fall 2011. She was a pretty good teacher. The material was a little boring and the one midterm (there was only one exam all semester, which was great) was a bit challenging, but all the other assignments were fairly easy. Just do well on the group projects, which were straightforward, and they should boost your grade. Her grading could be a little random, and she didn't give us rubrics or anything, but I don't think she graded very harshly.