Pedro Bueno

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Average rating: 3.50

This professor has taught: CHEM131, CHEM131S, CHEM271, CHEM272

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Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/30/2019
Bueno is a really nice guy! He makes jokes all the time and sometimes slips in a story or two. However, this lead to our class not getting through material fast enough and as a result the last exam we took was almost half of the material of the whole course (the first two exams had 1/4 of the material). Sometimes his lectures were confusing and he routinely made mistakes that other students would have to fix. Overall, a decent class but I took AP in high school so I would not recommend this professor to a person that has not taken a previous high level chem course.

Anonymous 05/23/2019
It was his 1st semester teaching the course so most of the times, it took him a bit longer to get the point across. He has a wonderful personality and always wants you to succeed in the course. He tries to be funny during his lectures by using (really random/querky) analogies to help lessen the stress/make a mark in your mind. The HW is in MasteringChemistry and you can basically find everything online.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/28/2019
Hes a nice guy, but not the most prepared professor. Many times he messed up math problems and ended up spending half the class time trying to figure out where he messed up. He's very approachable however, so take advantage of his office hours. If you're able to understand the process of how to complete problems without correct numbers, you should be fine in his class.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 01/05/2019
He really wants his students to succeed in this course and tries to personally know students, so go to his office hours. Sometimes confusing but usually made a point to go back and review topics he was not clear on. Do homework and clicker questions to boost overall average.

Expecting a C
Anonymous 12/19/2018
Bueno is a very nice guy, but not the best professor. He often messed up during lectures and confused himself along with the students. He didn't go over problems you'd see on his exams in class, so you have to study those on your own. Go to discussion because TA's will help you with problems. Bueno created a welcoming atmosphere for his students and I loved his jokes, even though some of them were cringey. Study and take advantage of GSS and discussion and you should be fine

Expecting a B-
Anonymous 12/11/2018
Nice professor, his lessons are though out, and is very open for office hours. His exams are somewhat tough, but he curves everything to make the average an 80%. It was his first semester teaching, and he did a good job.