Harold Burgess

This professor has taught: CPSA100, CPSA101, CPSA149, CPSA200, CPSA201, CPSA240, CPSA250, CPSA260, CPSP118A, CPSP119A, CPSP218A, CPSP219A, CPSP239A, CPSP249A, CPSP269A, CPSP318
Information Review
Harold Burgess

Expecting an A
Very caring and personable. I had two classes with him this semester and, since I’m in the Arts Scholars program, I will have many more classes with him as well. I’m reviewing CPSA149 specifically because it is a service learning course and there are only two other students in the class besides me, so it’s a very personalized experience by nature. Harold is very friendly and easy to talk to. I really admire how “human” he is—we check in every week with how we’re doing emotionally, and I can tell he is always very honest in his responses. It can be really nice to see professors in a more “human” sense because its a lot easier to approach them with any problems you may have without feeling as bad about it, because Harold is open about things too. However, although everyone in the class is very friendly and we know each other quite well, Harold is excellent at keeping things professional, too. He is very clear about assignments and expectations and is always open to suggestions and feedback. Service learning this semester (fall 2020) was different because it was mostly online due to COVID, so options were very limited, but Harold was always willing and ready to help students with anything they may be struggling with. Overall, he is very easy to talk to and you can tell he really cares. As for the course itself, it really isn’t that hard to get a good grade. There aren’t a lot of assignments and the class is somewhat chill to begin with. Most of the work is service learning (2-3 hours or so per week), which you mainly reflect on a lot during class meeting times. Definitely a manageable class with a very kind professor.