Juan Burke

This professor has taught: ARCH226, ARCH402, ARCH426, ARCH428E, ARCH428F, ARCH428U, ARCH628E, ARCH628J, ARCH654
Information Review
Juan Burke

Expecting an A+
This class was an interesting look at the history of architecture from 1450 to today. Professor Burke did a good job with covering a lot of information in such a short time. He was accommodating and often asked for feedback from students. The class alternated between live lectures and sketching classes, which provided a nice time to reflect on the information and also relax a bit. The tests were not hard, especially if you studied and had access to materials since they were open-note. The only thing that I didn't like was that there were only 4 grades for the whole semester, and the grading scale itself was very high. The lack of grades made it very stressful because even getting a B on one assignment could drop you drastically, especially with the skewed grading scale. However, if you do the work and put effort in, you will do well!