Daniel Butts

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Information Review

Anonymous 12/21/2012
I actually enjoyed neurophys with Dr. Butts. He is clearly very passionate and extremely knowledgable about the subject. He's also super nice! I can see how this class may be challenging though. The lectures are delivered like scientific talks (a lot of figures and little words) so you must understand and not just memorize everything. So I thought the book was necessary to clarify things when going over the material again. If you understand everything on his slides, then the exam should be very fair. The material is difficult but fascinating. Fun class!

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/19/2012
While I can agree with some parts of the review below that Dr. Butts can be a bit confusing, he is really one of the nicest and most caring professors I've encountered at UMD. Although his explanations were sometimes confusing and the textbook was usually needed for extra explanations when studying, Dr. Butts was overly willing to meet with students whenever and answered questions via email quickly and with very thorough responses. He truly wants every student to do well and his tests are very fair based on what he emphasizes in class. As long as you go to class and show him that you actually care, you'll be totally fine in one of his classes. Study the main concepts and if you remember what he emphasizes in class, then you can pretty much predict what the big questions on his tests will be. After this semester, I would definitely take another class with Dr. Butts.

Anonymous 11/30/2012
Dr. Butts will be teaching another intro to neuroscience class after this semester, since 453 won't exist anymore, but i highly do not recommend any class with him. unfortunately, he is a horrible lecturer but a very nice man. i don't know how lenient he is going to be when assigning grades, but i should have taken 353 which is supposed to be easier anyway, or taken the 8AM 446. it's super hard to follow his lectures. i end up teaching myself from the textbook but going to class anyway to keep up appearances, maybe he will factor this into the grade somehow since most people don't bother showing up just to nap for 75 minutes.