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Expecting an A-
kciar 05/14/2019
Eugene is a G! His class got boring sometimes but he ultimately wants his student to learn the foundations of accounting. the final was noncumulative and the homeworks and other assignments were very easy to complete. he does in class problems and posts solutions online so you always have a resource, and his TAs are super helpful

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/10/2014
Professor Cantor is the best professor that I've had at Maryland. He loves teaching and is a great guy. 417 is a tough course with a lot of boring material but he makes it fun. His wife bakes the class cookies every week which is a huge plus. Cantor wants his students to learn a lot and he will make every effort to help students out. Great professor, Great guy.

Expecting a B
clue 01/30/2014
Professor Cantor was really awesome. He tried to make some very dry material as interesting as possible. He has a lot of background knowledge and prior experience that he draws on in class. The exams (open book and note) and the final project were very tough, but he curved some of the exams, and the project had a lot of real-world applications. His wife also made cookies for us, which he brought to class every week and made our 2.5 hour-long class more bearable. If you pay attention in class and study for the exams, you should do fine. Professor Cantor was a very effective and fun teacher.

Expecting an A+
AcctFin2014 01/09/2014
Professor Cantor is one of the best professors I've ever had at UMD (and not just because he brought his wife's chocolate chip cookies to every lecture). He genuinely cares about the students and the material, and he makes what would otherwise be a completely boring lecture surprisingly interesting. I am not a person who attends many classes; but I did my best to attend every single one of these, because I genuinely learned something every time. He also is the only professor to actually talk us through the CPA exam, which is incredibly helpful (he actually teaches CPA reviews, so he really knows his stuff). If at all possible, take him for anything and everything you can.

Expecting an A+
Qing 07/11/2011
Professor Cantor is the best I ever had at Maryland. I really regret that I did not take him for BMGT323. He is very nice and flexible with students. Also, he is great at explaining the difficult concepts. I love the cookies that his wife made. For the record, he is far better than Pfeiffer. Take him if you can.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/15/2010
This class is one of my favorite Accounting classes in CP! For a three hour class, he was really entertaining! On top of that you got free cookies :D. Grades are based on 10% In class Assignments 30% Midterm 30% Final 30% Simulation Our Umd understates the number of A's he gives out, its closer to 55%, which is 9% more than Pfeiffer. You will do a much better job on the CPA if you take him over Pfeiffer. I learned a lot from this class, but the exams arent easy.

Expecting an A+
Treviewski 12/21/2009
Best professor I've had at Maryland. Cantor really wants his students to do well. He provides the class with a ton of resources and can always answer any questions (he's super smart). He also brings homemade cookies to every class. Highly recommended!!