Erica Cefalo

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Information Review

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/27/2015
SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER! She's kind and receptive and wants you to succeed. She's very approachable and makes class fun. Take ANY class with her if you can! Easy grader and great person!

Expecting an A+
clue 02/06/2011
Madame Cefalo is a wonderful teacher. She is funny and enthusiastic and tells cute stories that make class very fun. She encourages participation and explains grammar points clearly and thoroughly. The exams are not hard as long as you pay attention in class and review past quizzes, which have a lot of the information that you need to succeed in the exams. The homework can be long, but it's very straightforward.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 11/09/2010
I love this class! Mme Cefalo is absolutely adorable, and she gets so excited about class. She always tells us little stories about herself so we practice comprehension without even realizing it. She gives a lot of group work in class. The test are good- they make sure you know the material but she doesn't throw questions in there just to trick you. Definitely take her class if you can!!!