Janet Chernela

This professor has taught: ANTH456, ANTH461, ANTH462, ANTH468D, ANTH468I, ANTH468J, ANTH468L, ANTH661, ANTH688L, ANTH760, ANTH789
Information Review
Janet Chernela

Dr. Chernela is a little out there, but she's very smart and knowledgable about the subject. She's actually had a lot of experience with the subject she's dealing with and is obviously really passionate about it. She has no idea how to operate the film equipment and has trouble with emails. She doesn't use blackboard at all and opts instead to send out emails, often sending about 2-3 in one week (messing up quite a few times on some of these and having to re-send them with one or two attachments). Hard to get a hold of via email and she doesn't have a number to reach her. She doesn't use study guides, she just has review sessions. I wrote 8 pages of review notes, which was pretty awful, but they helped quite a bit for the test which was mostly essay questions. I like how she lets us all voice our opinions on the film and often has debates going on through the whole class. Be sure to speak up because it's really interesting if you participate.