Andrea Chronis-Tuscano

This professor has taught: PSYC330, PSYC468H, PSYC629, PSYC632, PSYC638, PSYC639, PSYC789, PSYC899
Information Review
Andrea Chronis-Tuscano

Expecting an A+
Professor Chronis-Tuscano is interesting. She clearly knows a lot about what she teaches and her lectures are often very informative, but she also seems disinterested and disengaged with class at times. The textbook for class can be expensive and the reading is often very dense, but given the content that is to be expected. Regarding actual class, I'm not sure all professors teaching this class will organize it this way, but she had 3 exams, the final being cumulative, and she would do it so that we had 50 minutes for 50 multiple choice questions, or 75 minutes for 75 questions, which was extremely stressful. She also does not post lectures unless you are absent, which was annoying because reviewing lectures is a good study tool. Regarding assignments, they are manageable and easy. Sometimes there are in-class assignments which are pretty straightforward, and we also have reading reflections that are straightforward as well. Overall, the class content was extremely interesting, and lectures were engaging. It just did not feel like she cared too much about students or really making any improvements or changes to the class throughout the semester to make things easier. Definitely take this class if this content is an area of interest for you, you will still enjoy getting to dig deeper into such information!