Cassandra Clayton

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Information Review

Anonymous 11/10/2018
This professor berated a learning-disabled journalism student by telling them "you will never be a local television news reporter" and that "you are BS-ing me". She ridicule the student. Cassandra is rude to all students in JOUR 360 and JOUR 368T respectively.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 12/13/2015
Her class is enjoyable, but she noticeably like this one ass-sucker and gives him extra points while some people get points off for pronouncing her name wrong. Also she changes her mind so much and can be rude. She always gave me this look whenever I had a question about my quiz, she would be like "Yes you are here for the grades, AGAIN". I liked her at first and then by the end of the semester, I hated her.

Expecting an A-
colazagasti 08/02/2008
She really takes the time to stress the various techniques and strategies you'll need to write for broadcast. You'll learn a lot doing the exercises from the CD, especially how to use ENPS. The current event quizzes, as they are in every JOUR class, are such a pain but that's not really her fault. The only things that wer truly annoying were the grammar questions where the answers usually didn't make sense and the only explanation for them was, "That's just the rule." She's also the most awesome person ever!