Gary Coleman

This professor has taught: PLSC203, PLSC271, PLSC399, PLSC608, PLSC789E, PLSC789F, PLSC798
Information Review
Gary Coleman

Expecting a B+
Terrible teacher. I took this as a gen ed, yet the class was unbearably difficult. The average of the first exam was a low D... and still there was no curve. The second exam was just as difficult. He literally expects you to have photographic memory remembering the smallest detail from the notes and then writing an essay on it. For example, a caption for a picture. I had a high B considering I got the highest grade on the second exam in the class and then average on the first. I was so sure on getting an A but he did not even bother to curve. He really doesn't care about his student's grades. You grade is based of 2 exams and 2 assignments. There were even plant science majors taking this class as an elective that did poorly. His lectures are extremely dry and he basically just reads of slides. I highly do not recommend this guy.