Lindley Darden

This professor has taught: HIST404, HONR269Z, PHIL209B, PHIL256, PHIL428M, PHIL456, PHIL458B, PHIL688B, PHIL688C, PHIL858C, PHIL858D, PHIL858F
Information Review
Lindley Darden

Expecting an A-
Great professor. She really is an expert in her field. I would recommend taking BIO105 before taking this course, but its not necessary. The lectures can be a little boring but you definitely need to go to them in order to do well in the class. She doesn't give homework every night which is nice, but there's a good amount of reading involved and all of the assignments are essays, including the midterm/final. Her grading can be a little annoying at times because she doesn't have a rubric, she just gives it a point value based on her opinion of the overall paper. However, I would recommend this course to any BIO or PHIL major. Its interesting and it doesn't really take that much effort to do well.