Andres De Los Reyes

This professor has taught: PSYC436, PSYC468H, PSYC603, PSYC622, PSYC625, PSYC629, PSYC638, PSYC639, PSYC789, PSYC899
Information Review
Andres De Los Reyes

Expecting an A+
One of the most considerate professors I’ve had at UMD. Andy sets up his class for success. You choose which weeks you want to complete a short 2 page reaction paper for, which are the bulk of your grade. Class focuses more on developments in clinical psychology and how to expand the field rather than current clinical practice, which was not what I was expecting but still interesting. He also focuses more on children and adolescent mental health, which does give a unique perspective. Exams are fair and he gives a very helpful lecture beforehand that goes over all the topics that will be on the exam. Andy also has good advice for graduate school and career planning, and great knowledge of the research psychology field. Basically, if you try a little in this class you will get an A, but engaging in class will give you a better perspective on the field. Would definitely recommend to people interested in clinical psychology, research into clinical psychology, or if you just need to fill a credit.