Eric Dunning

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This professor has taught: COMM398Y, INAG110, INAG110S

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/26/2019
Very easy grader when it comes to speeches. He gives pop quizzes, often at very inconvenient times (for our semester, he gave a pop quiz before the midterm, and after the midterm), so make sure that you're ready for those. The quizzes are just vocab, so if you read through the chapters, and learn the vocab, you should be fine (he pulls from headers and bolded words FYI). I ended up getting caught off-guard by a couple quizzes, so if you find yourself in this situation, Dunning will give extra-credit if you wright an essay for him, so it's still not so bad. Otherwise, he's very engaging and fun to take, so I highly recommend

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/07/2019
Eric Dunning is absolutely the best professor to take for INAG110. His lectures are fun, and if you have him on Tuesday/Thursday for the hour and fifteen minute time, you will always get out early. He likes to come in, get things done, and get out. There are a lot of in-class exercising that are simple, goofy and fun to help with public speaking and speech structure skills. His grading of speeches is straightforward and he will always give you feedback if you want it. The lowest grade on any speech in my class during the semester was a 92, so you will do well. He does have a midterm and a final, which are basically extra points, They are based on the chapters from the book which are super simple and it is basically a glorified vocab test. Most people studied the day or or the night before and did great. He does have pop quizzes for the readings, so going to class is important, but you can also predict when they are going to be, but class is fun so you might as well go. For the pop quizzes, if you look over the vocab at the end of the chapter right before class, you will be set.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 04/05/2018
Entertaining and very reasonable workload