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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/22/2019
I don't think MATH341 is that hard. But take that with a grain of salt. if you put in the same amount of work that you did in MATH340 then expect to get a higher grade in MATH341. As taught, the content is definitely conceptually easier for many people to grasp and the computational nature of the course suits many of the "honors" kids who are very good at doing that type of stuff. Conceptually nothing in this course is very difficult if you bother to remember some of the concepts that you absorbed in MATH340. There are a lot of theorems which will have to be black boxed (some of the existence-uniqueness theorems require difficult real analysis). As a lecturer I think Ebrahimian is okay. He covers the content with plenty of examples and if you have questions he will usually have a good explanation. There are plenty of professors in the department who are just awful lecturers, and Ebahimian is NOT one of them. He is a little more demanding than the average professor, however. Do make sure you keep up with the material. Doing homeworks last minute does not count. If you do that the weekly quizzes he gives will probably tank your grade hard.

Expecting a C+
Anonymous 12/21/2018
He seems like a nice guy, but meh as a teacher. He writes everything down really fast and flies through examples making it hard to follow lecture sometimes. That said, lecture is pretty much him explaining concepts followed by doing examples all class. On the bright side he doesn't grade homework for 241 (at least when I took it in fall 2018).

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/11/2018
Great teacher! Extremely useful lectures.

Expecting an A-
tomorrow 05/10/2018
A great sense of humor and extremely knowledgeable. If he doesn't know the answer to question, he'll tell you and may come back with answer next class. Entertains students' questions and concerns, going so far as to sending out a survey on his performance halfway through the semester.

Anonymous 12/31/2017
Ebrahimian is the man. Extremely knowledgeable on whatever subject he may be teaching, always willing to help students and is passionate about math overall. I think his courses are a bit on the hard side compared to other professors, but he teaches the content so well you probably won't even notice.

Expecting an A-
Anonymous 11/24/2017
Ebrahimian is a very effective teacher. The best thing about his class is that he engages students and lets students finish proofs. If you want to learn material well, take his class. However, he makes the grading a bit harder than is really necessary, and has HW due every single class.