Najib El-Sayed

This professor has taught: BISI620, BISI899, BSCI238E, BSCI329H, BSCI348R, BSCI411, BSCI411H, CBMG688P, CBMG688Y, HLSC227
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Najib El-Sayed

Expecting an A-
Best biology professor I have had so far. He is so nice (bringing in chocolate for no reason), and is extremely intelligent. His lab on campus is one of the leading in bioinformatics/genomics & he used to work at TIGR, so he definitely knows his stuff. Dr El-Sayed is funny, charming, understanding, and really wants you to get it. Going to lectures is a must--the tests are only on slides and any few homework problems he gives you (not worth too many points, but problems on the test are identical). He says there isn't a curve, but there might be like a 1-2% curve. The lab for this class sucked, but that's because the T.A. expected us to know computer science and was hard to understand. The first test is always the hardest, so really pay attention and memorize everything. The second half of the class isn't so hard. There were 2 tests, participation (he makes sure that you go & participate), labs in PLS computer lab(including a lab midterm & final project), and a few random homework problems and two quizzes. I loved this class and recommend it for anyone interested in bionformatics/genomics/metagenomics, sequencing, etc. It offers a new and more applicable perspective to the Biology that we learn in all the other classes (also, everything but the lab final project was done in class in team work, so it's not a stressful as a normal bio lab).