Casey Enos

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This professor has taught: PHIL100, PHIL170, PHIL209Q

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/06/2018
Great professor. Extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and down to Earth. The course is challenging, but it is possible and likely that you will finish with an A. He even told us during the class that he hates giving students bad grades. He genuinely wants to see students succeed.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/18/2018
He's the best professor I've ever had, and this was his first time teaching a face-to-face class! He's an extremely friendly graduate student and teaches the material very well and keeps lecture interesting. There are weekly discussion quizzes that you shouldn't have any trouble with if you read the short readings. There were also three papers throughout the semester, but they are quick and fair. As long as you pay attention and take notes, getting an A is no problem. He's very accessible outside of class and is glad to help you with anything, even other classes! Not only will you learn a lot, you will also make a friend. He made me love philosophy, and everyone should take him if they get the chance!