Anthony Ephremides

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Expecting a C-
Anonymous 12/13/2018
Exams are terrible, thinks his way of doing things is the only right way. His notes are not sufficient enough to do well on the exams.

Anonymous 01/30/2015
Terrible professor. Does not know how to teach at all. Everyone does poorly on his exams. Avoid Ephremides at all costs.

amercado 10/11/2014
OK, two perspectives here: "as your advisor" and "as your teacher". This guy is a huge big-wig in EE, so having him as your advisor is gold. He's very knowledgeable and smart, and doors will certainly open for you. As your teacher, he follows the text, but he'll sometimes make typographical errors on the board during lecture, so if you actually read the material before class (which, admittedly, we're supposed to) you'll be just fine, but if you didn't then you can get lost (and you know how it is with math-intense classes: if you get lost on page one, you'll be lost for the rest of the class). Knows the stuff thoroughly.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/26/2012
Terrible teacher. Lectures are boring and does a poor job of explaining the material. Tests are straightforward but since he does a poor job explaining, it will be quite hard if you only go by his notes. Homework did not count as part of the grade so all your grade are from his exams. He doesn't seem to curve a lot even though a lot of the class does poorly on his exams so don't take his class if you're aiming for an A. Overall, he seems to teach with the sole purpose of lowering your GPA so I highly recommend choosing another professor.

Expecting an A
Anonymous 12/27/2011
He's a pretty awful lecturer, and it can be quite painful sitting through the class, but he makes up for it with his very simple and straightforward exams. Homework from the book was optional, but highly recommended, as he considers your homework completion in factoring your final grade. He's not the best (read: clearest) 322 teacher, but he may just be the easiest. The first exam had a tricky convolution, but the second and final were simple. It's easy to get discouraged due to his teaching style, but as long as you look over the provided homework solutions and remember the basic transform properties, you should be fine.

Expecting a B
Anonymous 12/18/2010
He is certainly not the best professor. He do makes mistakes in the class. His exams are straight forward but his homeworks are time consuming. Overall he is not a great teacher and if you have a choice to pick up another professor I would highly recommend that you take this course with some other professor.

Anonymous 12/13/2010
It was unpleasant having this professor for ENEE322. I questioned his grasp on the subject frequently as he made so many mistakes during lecture that I was afraid to write down anything he wrote on the board. Half the time some student in the class would have to correct his mistake. Also, this did little to motivate me to come to class, and I believe it had the same effect on my peers because often times people would just get up and leave during lecture out of frustration. Furthermore, if a professor shows little interest in a subject, his apathy is generally reflected upon the students. Specifically, the professor had unannounced absences at least five times during the semester. All these shortcomings may have been mitigated by a likable personality, but sadly Ephrimedes fell short in this department as well. He has a short temper, which manifests itself occasionally through his exasperation when students ask inane questions, to outright anger when people start to get up and leave during his lecture. To try and stay at least a little impartial, I will enumerate the positive aspects of the course. I found his exams to be pretty straightforward and a good sample of the material covered in class. Nonetheless, the class average on exams tended to be pretty low, perhaps a result of his teaching style. Also, the homework was assigned judiciously and graded on completion rather than correction. As a bonus, he has a pretty cool accent.