Naomi Feldman

This professor has taught: CMSC289J, CMSC828F, CMSC828W, ECON645, LING240, LING321, LING499J, LING620, LING689B, LING689C, LING698C, LING848I, LING849C, LING849D, LING888, LING889D, NACS645, NACS728D, NACS728W, NACS898
Information Review
Naomi Feldman

Expecting an A
Good lecturer who is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about linguistics. This class was a new version of LING240 that included computational linguistics, which I thought was very well integrated into the course. Not much work outside of class (you can get away with skimming the readings) and the midterm and final were both fairly easy if you went to lecture.