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Expecting a P
Anonymous 09/06/2020
This course is really difficuly and we had huge curve every exam since the averages were always really low. He is willing to explain everything as long as you ask. We had 3 midterms (the lowest one was droped) and homework every week.

Anonymous 08/11/2020
I highly recommend Dr. Gholampour, he did just about everything you could ask for in an online class. Prerecorded lectures to watch any time, and organized lecture notes. A list of practice problems to go over with the textbook. 24 hour exams that were fair. Very willing to help students. Very generous curve, for the summer he let the final grade replace the midterm grade if the final was higher. Also a great teacher - gave clear explanations for everything and provided a good balance between applications and proofs.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 08/18/2019
Dr. Gholampour is an amazing professor. He really likes math and knows how to teach math. I really recommend him as an upper-level professor.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/28/2019
Great guy. I just loved Gholampour, he is such a sweetheart. One of the nicest professors I ever had. He curves the class by a lot because most people taking this course are freshmen and many of them are like non-stem majors and it's a hard course so the averages for exams are like 55-68% range. Therefore, he curves by a lot. His exams aren't bad but they are questions similar to webassign. If you get your exam back and see the TAs took bunch of points off for some dumb mistake you made, talk to the professor he will give back points if you can show the mistake you made and you understand the correct answer. (Max points got back was like 10 points)

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/25/2019
Great professor who really cares about his students. He dropped the lowest grade of the 4 exams, then curved the rest 15 points. I think he also curved the final on top of that.

Expecting an A+
Anonymous 05/11/2019
Amazing professor!! Really cares about students, gives back points on tests, HUGE curve at the end of the semester. Homework and tests are not too hard, just do some practice problems and ask questions in discussion

Anonymous 05/02/2019
Pretty average lecturer. It can be hard to understand him when he speaks due to his accents and his hand-writing can be challenging to read, at times. Amin is good at answering any questions thrown at him during lecture and gives out bonus points to your final grade if you call out any mistakes he makes in lecture or if you correct him. The TA's are below average. They are hard to understand and the mandatory quizzes during discussion classes seem to be on material unrelated to the prior lecture. The G.S.S. sessions that are held are very helpful. His classes are nice because he always curves a lot at the end of the semester.