Ligia Gonzalez

This professor has taught: SPAN103, SPAN203, SPAN204, SPAN207, SPAN303, SPAN363
Information Review
Ligia Gonzalez

Expecting an A+
I took this class in the spring 2023 semester. Profesora González is very kind and encourages discussion about the course content. She values participation and graded for it, so be prepared to speak up at least once every class. You'll need to put in some effort, there's weekly homework assignments (mostly analysis questions for some kind of text). There's a midterm which included an essay portion, but was fairly simple if you review the material. There's a final exam, one research paper and an oral presentation of key points from your research. It may sound like a lot, but I really enjoyed this class. She was very eager to teach the material and make it interesting, ranging from analyzing political speeches to poetic terminology to movie scenes. She gave feedback and graded assignments quickly, too (aka didn't wait until the end of the semester to grade everything). Just be prepared to speak almost 100% in and for basically all instruction to be in Spanish.