Curtis Grimm

This professor has taught: BMGT110F, BMGT370, BMGT888I, BMGT888W, BMGT888Y, BUSI683, BUSI764, HONR288N
Information Review
Curtis Grimm

Expecting an A
Professor Grimm is great. He is very good at explaining economic concepts to non-Economics majors, and he is extremely laid-back. His class was interesting as it gave you an overview of the global economy via various Harvard Business School case studies that are subsequently discussed in class. Getting an A in the class is not very difficult as long as you do the case write-ups (which are graded basically on making an attempt) and participate in class. The quiz and final exam are not difficult as long as you pay attention in class. Overall, Professor Grimm is a great professor and a kind man.
Curtis Grimm

Expecting an A
Professor Grimm is awesome. Very nice guy, very approachable, and VERY knowledgeable. The class was discussion format and you get a grade for participation. We had a midterm, a final, and homework assignments, which consisted of a few questions that would be used for discussion. Class is fairly easy. Just show up, participate, do the homework assignments and you should be fine.
Curtis Grimm

Expecting an A+
Grimm was a really good professor. He encouraged class participation and also was very approachable and willing to spend outside time and money on the class. Grade consisted of class participation/attendance and 4 two-page case study write ups basically answering 4 questions. Full credit if you did it. He scheduled class lunches, bringing in potbellys one day and bagels and coffee another. Overall, a very friendly and nice guy who really wanted his students to succeed.