Rahma Haji

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This professor has taught: WMST250
Information Review

This class is easy but very frustrating because it's one of those courses that are an absolute waste of your time. Professor Haji is nice but she does not seem to know what she is talking about during lectures, or at least she is not very good at explaining things because you won't understand anything even when you are paying attention. She is disorganized and not very efficient, making inconsistent mistakes every week, confusing the students. A student asked if she could make a modules page or label the discussions with a prompt, but she made up an excuse saying she was unable to because she doesn't have a TA. This is a task my 60 year old biology professor could do. One more thing is the content of this class. Even though you are signing up for "women's studies," she only focuses on the study of African Americans and has almost no diversity in its topics. But if you are looking for an easy A with minimal work(usually busy work), and you don't care about the content or wasting your time, this is the class for you.