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Expecting a B
rose11 05/18/2012
Dr. Hassam is awesome! He is so friendly and funny – he tries to make lecture entertaining. The examples he gives in class are not nearly as hard as the ones on the exams, but if you go to discussion and understand MasteringPhysics problems, you will be very well prepared for exams. I had Jack for my TA and he was very helpful. Lab is hard, but I still managed to get an 89% for my total lab grade. There are also occasional quizzes in discussion, which count for 5% of your grade, about a dozen MasteringPhysics homeworks (15%), two midterms (15% each), the final (30%), and lab counts for 20%. Hassam gives a very generous curve. The midterms consists of about 4 multiple choice/ true or false questions and about 4 problems. I did well in lab and on homework, but I failed most of the exams and still received a B in the course. He assigns grades relatively, meaning you are graded according to how everyone else in the class performs. Dr. Hassam doesn’t like to fail anyone if he can help it. If you study hard, do all of the homeworks, and attend every discussion you will do well in this class.

Expecting a B+
Anonymous 05/24/2011
He's a very nice guy, and a good lecturer. He uses a lot of demonstrations and generally wants everyone to do well. The curve this semester was ~5%.

Expecting an A
Phoenix 05/24/2011
Hassam is ALRIGHT. I mean, he makes a lot of mistakes in lecture...and in the end you learn that lecture notes aren't even that helpful. He takes a lot of problems from MasteringPhysics and rewords them for his quizzes/finals. His syllabus is online if you just google "Hassam Phys 121" Overall, I thought he was both an enthusiastic lecturer and fair grader. You got to bring in cheat sheets to the exams (full pages). He's very understanding, I definitely recommend him!

Nader Ganjbaksh 05/05/2011
Class is strait forward. Attend lecture and practice problems and you will be fine. Dr. Hassam as a professor is a consummate professional and just an awesome guy in general. From the first day you can tell he is happy to be teaching and really wants you to do well in his class as much as he wants you to learn the material. I can understand everything he is saying and he doesn't speak in monotone. He care about his students and will always keep you in the loop of where the class is going. He sends e-mails to his students every day and is constantly looking for ways to improve your grade that will actually help you learn the material at the same time (he doesnt just throw you curves, he offers opportunities to raise your grade by showing you know the material), but even then he will still curve the class as he really doesn't want you to do poorly. Fair tests, fair homeworks, fair labs, Nice professor, helpful and relaxed TA. Couldn't ask for more...

Expecting an A
genbiomajor 11/10/2010
You can actually understand Hassam, unlike a majority of the physics faculty. If you took physics in high school and actually remember some of the underlying concepts (such as F=ma), then you will have no trouble getting an A. His exams are straightforward, and most of the problems are just derivations of the homework problems. The best part about his exams is that you get to bring a one page cheat sheet (2 pages for the final).

gradstew 12/30/2007
Prof. Hassam lays a lot of stress on students being able to understand the concepts more than do hard problems. His PHYS 601 class was very interactive. Some of the topics such as WKB and Geometric Optics may require more initiative from your own side. He is especially quick with responding to emails. What got me through this course is keeping up with what's going on in the lecture and reading the notes after class. His grading is lenient in general.