Ulrich Hewer

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This professor has taught: BMGT289M, BMGT446

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Expecting an A
Anonymous 05/26/2020
I loved this class! I was amazed by his lectures because he could give a verbal lecture for almost three hours (he does give you a little break after an hour or so). He is very knowledgeable about the topic and it shows. I am a STEM major so I did not know anything about economics coming into this class and he made it easy to learn the topics. I took good notes during class and read the textbook and I found all the exams to be very fair, and not too challenging if you prepare well. The grade is three exams, which can seem intimidating at first but he prepares you very well for them. I put about 2-3 hours a week into this class reading the textbook and other materials, so it is not a huge workload. The transition to online learning was good; he uploaded a weekly lecture to watch on our time. He curved the class at the end. Overall, I learned so much from this class and anyone can succeed in it if they keep up with the work.

Expecting a B
co0lk1d 02/27/2014
This class is probably one of the more wtf classes that you have the opportunity to take here at UMD. As a science major, I had very little knowledge on the topic, which is fine since this is a gen ed and previous knowledge isn't required. Hewer is a very good teacher. Be prepared to take good notes though because everything is verbal, since there are no powerpoints and barely any writing on the blackboard. You also have to read various articles and papers, as well as chapters from the textbook as homework, which is what he uses as subject matter for his exams. The problem I had with this class was the way it was set up. You only have three grades for the whole semester: 2 midterms and a "final" which is just a third midterm. This can be either good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Also, there was such a clusterf*** of material that we had to read, it was almost overwhelming, and going into each exam no one knew exactly what to expect. The exams themselves weren't that hard as long as you read everything, and paid attention in class. All three were made up of half multiple choice questions which were pretty straightforward, and half free response where you should at least be able to bs your way through it for partial credit. Oh and there is a very generous curve at the end of the semester. Overall, this class isn't that bad saying that you put in the work. If you're like me, barely going to any lectures and just show up for the exams, cramming should be moderately successful and you should be able to pull off a B in the class. Take it if you need the gen ed and all the other BMGT289 classes are already full. If not try looking into the others first before settling for this one.

Expecting a B
Snoopy5215 12/18/2008
Hewer is an excellent professor! Now, when you first begin taking his class, you might be "shell shocked" by his complete lack of technology usage. He has no power points, he doesn't use blackboard, and he hardly writes anything on the board. But the amazing thing is, he doesn't need any of those tools: his lecture is all you need to do well in the course. If you go to class and pay attention (which you really have to because he does cold calling just to get people engaged - not to punish anyone) you realize you can learn everything just by going to class. Its amazing! I've never had a class like it, and I loved it. Basically Hewer will brief the topic he is going over, write up any formulas on the board, and then starts creating situations and asking the students what will happen; 'If a US firm exports to customers in Germany, and the Euro appreciates, does this hurt the US firm? What if they import inputs?' And what he'll do is he'll either call on someone who has raised their hand or he'll simply walk over to you and look at you or call on someone obviously not paying attention ("Are you watching a movie?" lol!). But you can tell he really just wants to engage everyone and get them thinking; he's not trying to punish anyone for day dreaming. Due to such "cold calling" I would try harder than I did in other classes to pay attention so I could answer correctly if he called on me (or even raise my hand!). I learned the most out of going to this class, and when it came time for one of his quizzes and I wasn't feeling well and had to go to the doctor, I briefed the topics in the waiting room and realized I had learned everything in class and ended up getting an A on the quiz, but NOT because it was easy but because I learned everything in class. Tests and quizzes are hard, there's a case study and two homeworks, all manageable, but by no means easy... I'm pretty sure I'm getting a B but I don't care because it was one of the best classes I've ever taken! I learned so much; Hewer is so nice too! He has a German accent but its not distracting. TAKE INTERNATIONAL FINANCE WITH HEWER!